Help Matching Colors in Acrylic

It can be hard to match colors- particularly in acrylic, which dries darker. Sometimes, when I want to match a previous color, I need a little help getting it right. So I pull out the....deli paper!

Actually, deli paper is never far from my side, but here is just one way it can help you in the studio. Deli paper is somewhat transparent, so I simply place a sheet on top of the color that I am trying to match, and I mix on the deli paper. It lightens the dried mix a bit, so if I mix to it, it has a better chance of coming out correct when it dries. This is not perfect, but it gives you a great starting point.

Once you use up your paint- don't crumple up the deli paper! Put it aside, and I will show you how to use it in my next post! Until then- happy creating, and thanks for reading. Liese

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