Deli Paper Palette

Did you try mixing acrylic on your deli paper? I love deli paper, and use it with my Sta-wet palette if I want to keep paint wet longer. For better or worse, I never throw it out after it dries. I have little stacks of colors I have mixed lying around waiting to make their way into a painting. How? Collage!

Just grab your favorite acrylic medium, and glue it down. I put a thin layer of medium down, then the deli paper, and a think layer of medium on top. I like to use a brayer or bone folder over the top to press it down and take out wrinkles...or try your fingers if you like the tactile approach. Here I placed another piece of deli paper over the collaged piece to keep my brayer clean.

These collage pieces always match my work, and I love the brush strokes and variations that occur on the paper. Furthermore, the naked deli paper blends in with the background, becoming invisible- or almost invisible depending on the under layer.

Here you can see the piece with the deli paper watch the paper disappear! (My piece is turned...but you get the idea.)

So give it a try. You can reuse your palette paper and add in a different kind of shape into your work. I used this method a lot in this piece:

Thanks for reading,