Paint Ugly

Sometimes you have to paint ugly. Take a panel and try to make the ugliest painting you can. I guarantee that you will learn something. For example: 

1. You will learn bad painting can’t hurt you. You will make mistakes in your work, but they are only mistakes if you keep them. 

2. You will learn to recognize and change what you don’t like. That it powerful stuff.

3. You will discover your habits in painting- and which habits serve you. 

4. And you may even stumble upon a new wonderful, beautiful technique that you were too chicken to try on a painting you like.

Painting is about play, discovery, freedom and risk. It’s only paint, and you can cover it all up later. No one but you will know a ugly painting is underneath...

...unless you share it of course. Which I recommend that you do. We want to show our best work; we fear rejection and desire perfection. However, those feelings can hold us back. We post less and care more about likes. Give it up and share something really ugly just once. You’ll live- I promise. And I’d love to see it. Tag me on Instagram @liesegauthier. Here’s mine:

Now, I have something fun I want to try on this painting. I’m off to paint!

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