The Biggest Painting Secret

There is one secret to becoming a better painter. We can all do it, it is accessible to everyone, and it works. The secret is this: Keep Going.

Keep painting, keep learning, keep creating- keep going. I find that it isn’t the amount of time that I put into my work, rather it is the frequency. Painting is a practice. We need to continue to practice even if there isn’t a lot of time to devote to painting. And guess what? I’m going to tell you how to do it- at least what works for me.

Set a goal to paint everyday and commit. I have a goal to post on Instagram everyday, and this helps me keep going. But if you can’t paint one day, don’t worry!  It is a goal- a means to an end- just pick up the next day and keep going.

Let go of perfection. When I paint I simply try to do something interesting or new. I aim to change paintings when I paint- to bring them somewhere new. I never strive for perfection or to complete a painting. This always works for me. Without the pressure to finish I take risks, learn something and surprise myself.

Learn something new. Read a book on painting, watch a good video, take a class. Learn what makes successful art and practice it. Knowledge will help give you direction so you keep going.

Wear old clothes whenever you can. You have to dress the part. I am now comfortable wearing my painting clothes to go pick up kids, go grocery shopping, get the mail. No one cares what you wear- really. And if they do, you’ll look the part of an artist. Then, when you get to your studio you can start painting. 

The take away is this: You cannot improve if you don’t paint. There is no short cut- no book or technique that will improve your work if you don’t paint. Get your brushes dirty. Wear old clothes. Make it a habit. Practice. Keep going. 

What did I miss? Do you have any tricks that keep you going? I’d love to hear them!