No Talent Required

I did it! I created and uploaded my first podcast on iTunes. My show is called "Abstract Thinking: Create Your Best Art" and my first episode is about talent- or how I don't believe in it.

As a matter of fact, creating this podcast is the perfect example of how I needed to learn a new skill and work hard at making it happen. There are so many steps to making a podcast- I had no idea. But I want to share my art journey with you, and help you along your way as well, so I persevered and made it happen.

Listening to myself makes me feel awkward. Much like hanging artwork in a public place for the first time. But I did it, and threw it out into the world. It will get easier; I know it will. And if I continue making podcasts and sharing them, they will get better. Check out my first podcast here:

"Abstract Thinking" will be a short burst of inspiration and learning, and I hope to cover just about everything that I do with abstract art. You can listen on my blog, or subscribe on iTunes. I hope to have it on Google Play and Stitcher shortly- as soon as I learn how to make that happen. Another journey. Here we go!

Thank you all your support. You keep me going and I really enjoy sharing my work with you.