Finding Your Voice

Art is all about learning and growth. That is the single reason that I love it so much. Finding my voice, my style, my technique. I love this journey and want to share it with you- and so I began this podcast. Interestingly, I want to share my authentic voice in my podcast as well- and that is a journey of it's own.

A listener suggested (very sweetly) that I should sound less "professional" in my podcast. More like I'm talking with friends. "Fabulous point!" I thought. Now how to do it? After only three episodes, I'm not really comfortable yet. Talking to myself on a microphone feels awkward, and so for my first three podcasts I wrote out my podcast and tried to sound professional. As a result, it doesn't sound as comfortable and honest. And that is definitely the goal with painting and podcasting.

New painters do this as well. We find an artist that we like and want to look professional like them- when the answer is painting like ourselves. Finding our own authentic self is really difficult. It is hard and takes time to discover. So this week I didn't edit my podcast or try to make it sound perfect. I just talked to you about supports- and moved towards finding my own voice.

I love this stuff! I love thinking about how painting and podcasting relate- and that writing this blog helps me tie it all together. Needing to share with you forces me to clarify my thinking. Thank you for reading, and I'd love to hear what you think of my episode this week. Your feedback will help me along my journey.