Get in Line!

I think that lines are just fabulous. Lines in paintings, not in grocery stores. In paintings lines add energy and movement, but in stores lines mean standing and waiting. Hmmm.

Anyway, this week I devote the podcast to lines and tools you can use to make them in your art. If your art needs a pick-me-up, try a line. I seldom regret lines, and frequently wonder how I could live without them.

One thing that I didn't talk about, however, is thinking about how your lines start and stop. I really like my lines to come in at the edge of the panel as though they are continuing onto the painting. I think that this adds interest and movement. If my line starts or stops within the work, I tend to add a little scribble or shape. I'm not certain why, maybe it feels more intentional. How about you? Do you use a lot of lines in your work? Do you find that you have interesting preferences in the tools that you use or how you make your line?

Have a great week. I hope it is a week full of lines in your art, not in stores.