Be Bold

There is no time for timid painting. Really. We are all too busy, and the time to paint is too precious. But more importantly, the more frequently you paint in a timid way, the more you train yourself to be timid. Making small changes takes time, and prevents you from learning how to break out of old habits. Your work looks safe and small- stagnant and boring.

Big, bold painting leads to big bold thinking. You learn that it is only paint, after all, and if you change things drastically once, then you can change them again. If you make a big change and don't like it, then so what? You have just learned something valuable. Make another big change and you may like it better. You will most definitely learn something else new.

Teach yourself that making big changes leads to big rewards and you will continue to learn and grow as an artist. Isn't that what we all want?

Take care and happy painting,