Art vs. Craft- and being where you are

Before I began painting, I used to knit ALL THE TIME. I was really in to crafts: knitting, spinning, embroidery, soap making, the list goes on. But then I discovered painting, and everything changed. I haven't knitted much in the past 2 years, and my husband was missing his handmade sweater vests, and my needles came out again.

Knitting is so different from abstract painting, and lately I have been thinking more about the difference between arts and crafts in general. But more important than what the difference is, is how understanding can help you in your art journey.

If you understand that you are walking into uncharted territory with your work and exploring new ideas for yourself, it can allow you be more patient- to allow yourself to work through some ideas in your creative process. Sometimes an artist needs to explore different colors, shapes, marks or tools- I know I do. It's usually unconscious, but then I find myself adding a yellow cross to multiple pieces, or bold black lines. It is as though I need to learn how to incorporate those things into my work so that I can move on. At first I fought this tendency, but now I realize it is all part of the process. I allow myself the freedom to let the art take me where I need to go.

Don't be afraid to change in your work- or stay where you are for a bit. If you keep moving and learning, your art will emerge. And it will be your own unique, honest art.

Happy painting,