You Can Change

In fact, you gotta change. If you want to stay interested in your art- if you want your art to stay interesting, change is crucial.

Change can be gradual or sudden. It can be a new technique, material or mark- or a complete upheaval. But whatever it is, it needs to happen and when it does, you will get pushback. People around you will make comments, long for your earlier work, and look at you disappointingly. But new people will also discover your work and the excitement that change conveys. Other people, however, are not your biggest obstacle. It is, of course, you.

Artists tend to create their identity around their work: I am an abstract artist. I am a [fill in the blank]. And although that can help you in your elevator pitch, you can't let it stifle you into thinking that that is all you are. So come on, embrace some new idea that has been percolating in the back of your mind. Or create a new situation that forces you to change and explore. Draw instead of paint. Make handbound sketchbooks. Paint on glass or tinfoil- I don't know. You need to find it yourself. Don't worry, I'll support you. In fact, I'd love to see it. Just tag me on Instagram @liesegauthier