Free mark making with geometric patterns create a bold, energetic piece. I work to convey joy, playfulness and interest. This piece is complex with layers of paint and history.


"Sea Journey" is created on cradled panel hand built by me, the artist. The sides are painted white, and the piece is varnished, signed on back and wired for hanging. This 24.5" x 24" panel is a mixed-media painting on 1.75" deep cradled panel.  Acrylic paint, acrylic marker, colored pencil, spray paint, and graphite. Signed on back, varnished, and ready to hang.

Sea Journey

  • This is a piece of original artwork. It is created over time by building a history of layers. This process is energetic, joyful and messy; I hope it results in art that brings you a sense of wonder at owning something completely unique. I work on 1/4 maple board. I love every step, and I create something totally unique. Although I protect your painting with a satin varnish containing UVLS to protect against ultraviolet light, take care not to hang it in constant direct light. That being said, please hang this artwork where it will bring you joy.